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Optimal solutions for Power Systems, Electricity Markets and Smartgrids
eolica2.jpgFor over two decades GNOM has been developing and applying advanced optimization procedures as well as mathematical modeling solutions to Power Systems. These publicy funded research and industrial projects have been consecutively carried out on a national and international level in concert with both the Spanish administration and with several European electric utilities. The expertise of the GNOM group in electricity market optimization incorporates an especially deep knowledge of the Iberian Electricity Market (MIBEL).
  • The short-term focus (one day to one week) entiles the development of stochastic programming models for the joint optimization of the generation bid to the day-ahead, AGC (reserve) and intraday markets, which at all times takes into account futures and bilateral contracts, greenhouse emission constraints and risk.
  • Over the medium term (a few-months to  two-years) our procedures address the equilibrium planning of generation in pure pool or mixed markets with bilateral contracts, taking into account the impact of wind power and photovoltaic generation, as well as emission caps. Stochastic programming techniques are employed and constraints to limit the risk of profit loss are included.
  • Regarding the new challenge in power systens that represents smartgrids the GNOM-Energy team is currently  focused on the deployment of new stochastic optimization models and algorithms for the integration of distributed energy resources (DER) into the wholesale electricity market through microgrids.

The Energy team of the GNOM group is currently involved in an ongoing four-year funded research project for the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MTM2013-48462).

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