Planning electricity generation for the short- and long-term in a liberalized market with bilateal contracts.


Funding Organization: Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. January 2006 - December 2008

Members and Partners

UPC members
  • Narcís Nabona
  • F. Javier Heredia
  • Albert Ferrer
  • Adela Pagés Bernaus
  • Cristina Corchero
  • Jacek Gondzio
  • Universidat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
  • Unión Fenosa

Introduction and Objectives

The project aims for two new features: 1) the simultaneous consideration of bidding power in the liberalized market and 2) bilateral contracts (between a generation company and a consumer client). These features take into consideration the future elimination of  current regulations wich discourage bilateral contracts and entail the development of optimization procedures that are more efficient than those now employed to solve these problems. This higher efficiency will allow a more accurate modeling and solve larger, real problems in reasonable CPU time. In this project, both modeling languages and commercially available solvers are employed on the one hand, and our own optimization algorithms on the other. The algorithms that are  being developed include the use of: interior-point methods, global optimization, column-generation methods, and Lagrangian relaxation procedures which employ dual methods



Journal Article
  • E. Mijangos, Solving Short-Term Electric Hydrothermal Schedulling Problems by Exponential Multiplier Methods. Engineering Optimization 2008
  • G. Beleakov, A. Ferrer, Bounded lower subdifferentiability optimization techniques. Applications. Journals of Global Optimization. 2007

Book Chapters
  • E. Mijangos, Performance of some aproximate subgradient methods over nonlinearly constrained network.  Operations Research Proceedings 2007, Springer, Ed. Jörg kalcsics and Stephan Nickel, pp. 103 - 108




Conference Paper
  • C. Corchero, F. J. Heredia, "Stochastic optimal day-ahead bid with physical future contracts", International Workshop on Operational Research 2008, Dept. of Statistics and Operational Research, Univ. Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain., Dept. of Statistics and Operational Research, Univ. Rey Juan Carlos., pp. 77, 05-07/06/2008.

Conference Proceeding
  • M. Tesser, N. Nabona, An equilibrium model for the medium-term power planning considering risk averse generation companies, Power System Computation Conference  PSCC, Glasgow (G. B)