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Models of convex analysis, tame optimization and applications   

Funding organization: Spanish Ministry os Science and Education 2008 - 2011. 

Members and partners

  • Aris Daniilidis
  • Juan Enrique Martinez Legaz
  • Jerome Bolte
  • Isable Fradera Garriga
  • Albert Ferrer Biosca
  • Maria del Mar Gómez Pujalte
  • Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya
  • Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
  • Universidad de Alicante
  • Universidad de Elche

Introduction and objectives

This research program intends to promote research in the area of Variational Analysis and deepen our knowledge in the field of well-structured optimization problems, in both their theoretical and practical aspects, by means  of convex optimization techniques, metric regularity and nonsmooth analysis. We shall endeavor to shed light on the algorithmic study of nonconvex (and nonsmooth) optimization problems with a rich geometrical structure, through adequate geometrical considerations. We shall also undertake to further development  the asymptotic analysis of gradient type dynamical systems by combining ideas and concepts with come from two distinct mathematical sources: variational analysis and tame (e.g. subanalytic) geometry. This line of research based on the interactions between algebraic geometry and optimization is relatively new, but it already has a considerable interdisciplinary impact. Particular attention will be paid to spectral and SDP optimization, convergence theory of optimization algorithms and global optimization techniques.






Conference presentations